Being a heart-led small business owner is a deeply personal, emotional and spiritual journey. It brings up so much for us; our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our inner wounds. Especially as we navigate finding our way in a patriarchal world that insists that leading from the heart is unimportant and not valuable.

For many heart-led women navigating the oppresive systems along with their inner wounds as they build their business brings up grief; grief that has been living in their body and underneath the surface, sometimes they are aware of it, sometimes not. Either way, creating gentle space for the grief, inviting it into the conversation, co-creating with it, as you navigate your business, can be a profound and empowering experience. It is an embodied way of acknowledging that you are trying to build and offer something different from the systems and from what you have learned, a new way. An embodied way of acknowledging that you are creating from your truest self, a part of you that is unharmed by the trauma that you have experienced.

As beautiful as that sounds it can also be deeply painful; to finally allow yourself to create what you are longing for, what is living within you, what wants to be expressed. And stepping into your role as a teacher, facilitator, guide, leader, healer, creative, changemaker … that can be a deeply moving threshold that brings to the surface all of the times that you were not able to do this yet; all of the previous versions of you that held you back from this, out of fear, out of resistance,  out of survival, out of not knowing how to take that next step.

Here is my invitation to you: Honour that grief. Whatever it looks like or feels like, however it shows up. It is valid, it is yours, it is part of your journey. Create some space to meet it gently, always gently.

Moving with our grief is a gentle way to relate to and meet our grief. A way that can help us relate differently to it. Help us be in gentle conversation with our grief, rather than having it weigh us down or overwhelm us. This is your invitation.