Slow down to Re:Connect

The power of all dance can do can not put into words. It is a magic that must be experienced. It must be felt

When you dance, you welcome more flow and lightness in your body, in your movements and in your energy, because movement creates movement. Both inside and outside ♥  

When you dance, you create more inner peace because you connect deeper with yourself and create a deeper connection to your body.

The dance sets in motion your whole body, all your muscles and body parts, your whole being. 

The dance strengthens, enlivens and delights. 

In dance, you increase your focus and your awareness. 

In the dance, you open up your flow.

In the dance you play, explore, feel, enjoy and rejoice.

Dance is energy ♥  
Dance is connection ♥  
Dance is life ♥  

I would love to guide you on the next steps in your dance journey ♥  



Underskrift 2


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