A warm welcome

Hi, I am Lise, and I am so glad that you have found your way here.

I am a trauma-informed somatic healing practitioner and an embodiment mentor. I have guided movement and embodiment for decades, in classes, workshops, programs and 1:1 sessions. My healing and mentoring work is rooted in reconnecting with the body and its wisdom; learning to feel safe in our body, to feel our feelings and to listen to and honour our needs, boundaries, capacity, intuition, and natural gifts.

I support heart-led women in reconnecting with themselves and coming home to their body, their inner knowing and the truest version of themselves, so they can tap into and start living from the deepest, wisest, most powerful places within themselves. This journey takes patience, self-compassion and gentleness. It is a journey of profound transformation and deep healing. A journey home.  


What is somatic healing, and is it for you? 

My main tool as a healer is somatic healing.

Somatic healing is healing that starts in the body. Healing that connects you deeper to all parts of you and teaches you to navigate, what is going on in your body, when it comes to sensations, energy, and capacity for navigating complex or overwhelming emotions, situations, and relationships. 

Since you have found your way to my little corner of the internet, my guess is that you have likely explored healing and self care for a while, like most of the women that I work with. You have read all the books and maybe been in therapy for years. You know a lot already, but feel stuck or are frustrated with not being able to create the change that you are looking for in your life and in your relationships, including in your relationship with yourself. You are longing for a profound shift, on a deep level.

Maybe you have already explored somatic healing before, but are ready to dive deeper. Or maybe you simply feel drawn to the idea of connecting deeper with your body and its wisdom. You are very welcome here, whether you are new to somatic healing or looking to deepen your somatic tools and practices.

I am here to guide and support you and hold gentle space for you on the next steps of your healing journey.

If you are curious and seeking gentle guidance and support along the way, you can read more about my 1:1 sessions here, my circles here, and my online embodiment membership here – and book a free 30-minute Connection Call with me to explore whether we are a good fit for working together.

Thank you for being here.


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Somatic healing practitioner
Embodiment mentor 
Circle facilitator 

Lise holds a skill set that is uniquely crafted to assist anyone on a healing path. She is capable and expansive, solid and honest, experienced and wise. 

Lise knows how to create and extend a container for processing big feelings, experiences and sensations. She facilitates healing with ease while honoring the individual she is working with as their most sovereign and trustworthy self. 

Lise is an intelligent guide who utilizes language of consent and gentle suggestion within her practice. She has an intuitive way of extending space to her clients while encouraging them to safely explore the edges of their internal landscapes through movement and body awareness. 

I have absolute confidence in Lise as a somatic healing practitioner and believe that anyone who is seeking further healing and resourcing through movement would benefit from working with her. 

  – Jessamyn Turgesen 

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