Why Trauma Healing Matters


Carrying old wounds within us can deeply impact how we show up in this world. If we feel unworthy, scared, broken, or not-deserving it can impact our choices and our path in life. It can make us feel paralyzed, so we take no action at all. Or make us feel stuck in pain and overwhelm for years or decades. It can make us feel lost or disconnected from ourselves and others and leave us numb or living on autopilot.

Getting the right support can shift our experience completely. It can teach us concrete tools, so we learn to slowly heal those inner wounds. It is possible. There is a way. I promise. It can make us feel seen and heard and understood on our healing journey. It can make us feel supported and no longer alone. It is all about connecting with the right people, the right communities, the right healers, the right helpers. Finding where we belong, so we can feel supported and learn to support ourselves fully.

The body remembers everything. So it is a good place to start, when we want to start healing those old inner wounds, so they no longer overwhelm us or keep us stuck in old childhood trauma stories. Healing is a journey. One step at a time. Gently.

Somatic trauma healing is a journey back to yourself. Through layers of stories and emotions that live in the body. A journey back to who you truly are. A gentle journey back to feeling safe, in the world, in your body, in who you are.

Trauma healing matters because you deserve to feel safe to be you.