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An online community for heart-led women longing to reconnect with their body’s wisdom


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Come resource yourself ♥


Rooted is a monthly online membership for women looking for a gentle and supportive space to gather and explore deepening self-connection and reconnecting with their body’s wisdom through embodiment practices and awareness. It is an intentional space of connection and resourcing, where you can take a break from everyday life and let yourself be held. 


What is resourcing?

Resourcing is a somatic (body-oriented) practice of consciously tapping into what supports, strenghtens, and empowers you. A resource is any practice, place, memory, person, community, or action that creates a calming and soothing sensation in our body; a felt sense of groundedness or connection.

Why resource?

Consciously resourcing ourselves helps us build capacity in our body, nervous system, and inner world, so that we can be with and process big emotions, overwhelm, and challenging situations without disconnecting from ourselves or burning out. It helps us build felt safety in our body, our nervous system, and our inner world. And that safety is the foundation that helps us move out of survival mode and into movement, aligned action, aliveness, thriving. 

Being well-resourced supports us in staying deeply connected to ourselves and in living our life in a way that is aligned with who we truly are.

In Rooted we gather to resource through:

  • guided embodiment practices 
  • deepening awareness around mind-body connection 
  • cultivating curiosity, non-judgement, support, and self-support 
  • embodied conversations around how to live our lives from a place of being deeply rooted in our body, our inner wisdom, our core values, and our truest self  
  • sharing and witnessing in circle with other women 
  • support from a community of like-minded and like-hearted women 

A dedicated space for embodiment, resourcing, and conscious self-connection

Rooted is a community of practice. A trauma-aware space for unlearning old ways and practicing new ways together. New ways of relating to ourselves; our body and its wisdom, our felt sensations and experiences, our inner resources and guidance, our authenticity and feeling of empowerment. 

Rooted is an anchor point in your life, to help you root deeper into yourself in embodied ways. To get to know yourself better. To deepen your connection with yourself. And practice letting that deep self-connection be the foundation for all of your other relationships. 


How do we gather and connect?

Twice a month we gather in the community for embodiment calls, to resource, practice, explore, and lean into support. In between calls the members have access to the online community space (in Mighty Networks) and can access recordings and resources and connect with other members to deepen their practice and lean into community support. 

We gather with the intention of connection and support. For those of us who have been wounded, abandoned, or disappointed in groups or in community and might struggle to trust a new group space, this community is a space for gently stepping into a healing relationship with those wounding experiences. A space to practice feeling safe to show up in groups and community in an authentic way; feeling safe to speak up and to take up space and lean into support. It is a space to practice meeting others with support, curiosity, and non-judgement. A space of listening, supporting, and co-creating a supportive shared experience. 

As the facilitator of the community I am very aware of individual and collective wounds around groups and group dynamics, and I tend to the space with that knowing in my awareness. I will do my best to hold and tend to the space in a gentle and trauma-informed way. 


Who is Rooted for? 

This community is for women longing to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and the wisdom living in their body and in their inner world. Those longing to lean deeper into embodiment practices, gentle movement, and conscious body connection. Those curious to explore embodied conversations around unlearning the old ways of pushing through, ignoring, and disconnecting from the body’s capacity and wisdom. Those wanting to reconnect with and remember our natural state of deep embodied self-connection and knowing. Those longing for a supportive community where they can lean into embodiment practices and practice embodied ways of being and navigating life. 

Rooted is for heart-led women; the seekers, the seers, the poets, the outsiders, the sensitive ones, the intuitives, the creative souls, the changemakers, the quiet rebels.

I believe in showing up authentically and imperfectly. There is no performing or pretending here. And there is no box you have to fit into. So please, come as you are.

If you feel called, you belong here ♥


Come gather with us

Rooted is an intentional space for resourcing and reconnecting.
A space to lean into supportive community.
A space to practice conscious self-tending and self-support, along with other women on the same journey. 
A space to tap into embodied presence. 
A space to explore living in deep connection with your body’s capacity and wisdom.
A space to practice rooting deeper into who you truly are.
A space to find your way home to yourself. 

If you are longing for a supportive community, where you can practice embodied self-connection and self-tending, 
come join us as a founding member. 

Monthly calls in Rooted:


* Rooting Deeper (90 minutes) 

Monthly guided embodiment and gentle movement practices to support us in connecting and reconnecting with our body and our inner world. Together we slow down and listen to what is present in the body. We lean into gentle guided exploration and allow ourselves to just be with ourselves, in movement. We land softly with sharing and witnessing. 

The monthly guided embodiment practice is recorded, so that members can access the recording.
The conversation at the end of the call is unrecorded, to ensure the sacred intimacy and confidentiality of the space. 


* Embodied Conversations (90 minutes) 

A monthly conversational community call where we explore what it looks like to live a conscious and embodied life; a life where we root deeper into our body, our values, our natural pace, our joy, our hope, and our inner aliveness while untangling from the old systems and ways around us. We share our practices, experiences, and stories and support each other in creating and practicing new ways of being and showing up while living within and actively untangling from systems that do not cultivate connection, tending, and embodied presence. 

Our embodied conversations center around three foundational areas of life: relationships, self-relationship, and unraveling/reimagining the systems. 

This is a facilitated conversational call grounded in embodiment awareness. Lise is available to respond to questions and curious wonderings around embodied practices, embodied living, and untangling from the systems in embodied, conscious ways. 

This community call is unrecorded, to ensure the sacred intimacy and confidentiality of the space. 

Practical details:

The doors to the community are open 

Founding member offer (limited time): 
Monthly membership payment for founding members: 30 USD. 

You are locked in at 30 USD per month for as long as you stay in the community. 
You can cancel anytime. 

Founding member bonus (limited time): 
All founding members receive a complimentary 1:1 somatic session. 

Tech details: 
The community platform is in Mighty Networks. 
The calls in the community are in Zoom.

* TECH INFO FOR MEMBERSHIP PURCHASE: At the moment you can only purchase the membership subscription from a web browser or Android, not IOS. Access from IOS will be up soon. 


Call times and dates June-August:

June 6 at 2-3pm Eastern Time / 8-9pm CET:
Welcome Call 

June 13 at 2-3.30pm Eastern Time / 8-9.30pm CET:
Rooting Deeper 

June 25 at 12-1.30pm Eastern Time / 6-7.30pm CET:
Embodied Conversations – Intentional resourcing and self-tending


July 11 at 2-3.30pm Eastern Time / 8-9.30pm CET:
Rooting Deeper

July 23 at 12-1.30pm Eastern Time / 6-7.30pm CET:
Embodied Conversations – Trauma responses vs. partnership dynamics 


August 8 at 2-3.30pm Eastern Time / 8-9.30pm CET:
Rooting Deeper

August 20 at 12-1.30pm Eastern Time / 6-7.30pm CET:
Embodied Conversations – The loss of the village in modern society 


Do you have questions?
Have a look at the FAQ.

Are you not sure if Rooted is the right fit for you?
Book a free 30-minute connection call to have a chat with me and share your questions. 

Your facilitator

Hi, I am Lise.

I am a trauma-informed somatic practitioner and an embodiment mentor. I support heartled women in connecting deeper with their body and its wisdom to heal old inner wounds and create safety in the body and inner world.

I have been teaching and guiding movement and body connection for 25 years. The foundation of my embodiment work is gentleness and reconnecting with oneself in self-supportive ways. Through gentle embodiment practices I guide my clients to start a gentle conversation with their body and tune into the guidance and the answers it is holding, so they can shift out of self-judgement and self-doubt and into embodied self-support and a felt sense of empowerment.

I am a lover of circles, rituals, and connection and believe in the power of co-creation and community.

I live in Aarhus, Denmark.