Somatic healing

* Creating a deeper connecting to your body and its wisdom *

Somatic healing is healing that starts in the body. Healing that connects you deeper to all of you and teaches you to navigate, what is going on in your body, when it comes to sensations, energy and emotions. It taps into your body’s memory and everything that your body is holding. 

The approach of somatic healing is “bottom up”, meaning that we work with the body first based on the idea that the healing will spread from there to the rest of you, including your mindset. The opposite approach of “top down” is used in talk therapy that is based on working with the mind first with the assumption that the healing will trickle down to the rest of you from there, including to your body. 

Somatic healing allows you to go deeper in your healing journey and access, what has previously been hidden from your awareness because we approach the process as a gentle conversation with the body. The body has the answers. We listen. The body leads the exploration, and we observe curiously and without judgement. 


Somatic healing is creating a deeper connection.

To yourself, your body, your inner knowing. 

To your breathing, your grounding, your energy.

To your inner peace, your core, your life energy.


Give yourself the gift of connecting deeper with yourself and your body 

I am here to guide you gently on the next steps of your healing journey.




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