Are we a fit?

You are a heart-led woman who are looking to connect deeper with yourself, your body, and your inner knowing.

Perhaps you are:

– A quiet and/or introvert woman struggling to speak up in relationships and in groups  

– Frustrated with repeating old, dysfunctional relationship patterns 

– Struggling with low self-esteem and a self-critical inner dialogue

– Looking to heal old wounds from family trauma, so you can finally feel safe in your body 

– Feeling stuck in your relationship, in your work life, or in your life in general 

– A healer, therapist, coach, spaceholder, or community leader or tender who overgives and forgets to tend to yourself 

– Creative and passionate, but struggling to land clarity around your creative path and purpose 


You are a kind human. You take time for and prioritize your significant relationships. You probably have a big heart and feel called to create change in the world, in small and big ways.

And you are likely fed up with any and all types of pretending and performing to keep up a facade, and you are longing for spaces and relationships where you can just be yourself, fully and authentically. 



We likely have some shared views.


If you are like me, you are concerned about the state of the world and want to contribute to creating a sustainable change, when it comes to climate change, systemic injustice and inequality and healing on an individual and collective level.  

You want to unravel and detach from the oppressive systems of patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. You have passionate discussions about this in supportive spaces like women’s circles or healing communities or long to have those discussions with like-hearted humans. Particularly around how to create new and sustainable ways and structures while living within the old systems.

You study indigenous traditions and understanding of the world and resonate with the idea of relating to nature from a place of gratitude, care and reciprocity.  

You are a feminist. 

You are longing for wise elders in your culture.

You value supportive community.

You are longing to ground back into something simpler, something deeply connected, something *felt*; in your life, in your relationships, and in your creative path.  

You are full of ideas and have a lot to say, and you enjoy co-creating with other like-minded humans.

You value honesty and transparency.

You enjoy spending time in nature and connecting deeper with the land you are on.



You might:


* Be passionate about slow and/or cyclical living

* Value gentleness and vulnerability

* Be a creative soul

* Be on a spiritual journey 

* Be witchy

* Love cats

* Believe in the power of intuition

* Be fascinated by the moon and the stars.


You are here to root deeper into yourself, to shift out of overwhelm and into clarity and groundedness.

My guess is that you have probably already done all of the courses and classes and self-study ebooks on how to heal your inner wounds and transform what is holding you back in your life and in your relationships, and you are frustrated because you are still struggling to apply what you know and create the change that you are longing for.

You long for a breakthrough, for space to breathe and be yourself, but you are not sure what your next steps are.   

I get you. With the noise of the world it can be difficult to *feel* and *know* what to listen to. 

That is why my work centers around grounding deeper into yourself, your body, and your body’s wisdom; leaning into a deeper connection with yourself and practicing deep listening. Because when we get quiet and practice listening deeply, we learn to hear the deepest whisper within us and the answers that it is holding.



Does it feel like we are a good fit?


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