Are your 1:1 Sessions online or in person?

My sessions are online via Zoom. 


What do I need for the session? 

A stable internet connection and a little space to move in front of your computer. Wireless headphones / earpods are also very helpful, so you can move away from the screen, and we both still have good sound quality. 


Who are your clients?

People who are on a healing journey and want to heal old inner wounds from unresolved childhood trauma, using somatic healing and somatic inner child healing. 

I mostly work with women 40+ and often with creative souls and spiritual entrepreneurs. 


If we work together, how often do we do sessions?  

Every week or every other week, depending on your needs. 


How do I book sessions with you?

You can book a 30 minute Free Connection Call with me to hear more about the sessions. The call is for us to connect and for you to get clarity around the sessions and feel into whether this is the right next step for you in your healing journey. In the call I will answer any questions you have about the sessions, and we can both feel into, whether we are a good match to be working together. 


I feel called to do a session, workshop or embodiment circle with you, but I feel nervous and am not sure that I am up for moving in front of the computer screen. What do I do?

That is so welcome. It is completely normal to feel nervous or self-conscious about moving, while someone else is watching. And for some the online format can reinforce that feeling, so it can take some getting used to. I will hold gentle space for that in the session / workshop / circle, and you are always welcome to bring it up or choose not to move. We will work gently and one step at a time. 

Connecting with your inner children through somatic work and gentle guided movement is all about tuning in and listening to what your body and your inner children need. All my guidance is invitations. Nothing is forced. We want to create a gentle and safe space, where your inner children feel comfortable and open to the healing process. I will guide and support you gently through this. 


What do you mean by “gentle guided movement”?

My personal intuitive movement style has its roots in improvisation, contemporary dance, and free intuitive movement. When we move in a session, workshop or embodiment circle, I guide you to move intuitively, so your movements might look completely different than mine. That is exactly how it is supposed to be. There is not a specific way of moving. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. We are exploring, how your body expresses itself through movement. It is not about how it looks, but about  how it feels in your body and what your body needs. The gentle guided movement is about listening to your body and letting it lead. 

If you have any other questions about my online 1:1 Sessions,
my online Somatic Inner Child Healing Workshops or my online Embodiment Circles,
you are always welcome to send me an email at lise@liseloensmann.com.

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