1:1 Somatic Healing Sessions 

*Online via Zoom*

Slowing down and tuning in

Somatic healing is healing that starts in the body. It is about slowing down and tuning in; to your body and what it is holding. To your inner world, to your needs and your longings, to your intuition and your inner knowing. To a deep sense of belonging that may feel foreign to you at first because of all that your body remembers.

It is about practicing relating gently to yourself and learning to support yourself at every step along the way.


Through guided somatic practices and inquiry I support you in connecting deeper with yourself to help you:

  • learn to feel safe in your body
  • stay present with yourself, your body, your emotions, and with others
  • gradually rebuild your trust in yourself and in others
  • heal inner wounds from childhood trauma
  • learn to be with anger, sadness, grief, anxiety, overwhelm, joy, hope – without letting these emotions take over and overwhelm you and/or drive your actions
  • reconnect with your body and its wisdom
  • start a gentle conversation with your inner children (or deepen it)
  • understand and learn to hold gentle space for old inner wounds
  • learn to support all parts of yourself emotionally including in challenging situations and times
  • learn to navigate close relationships from a place of trust and discernment


We work slowly, gently, and completely at your pace, respecting your needs and boundaries. 


What does a session look like? 

As a certified trauma-informed somatic healing practitioner I guide and support you in connecting deeper with yourself, your body, and your inner world. Through a gentle conversation with the body we tap into the sensations, emotions, energies and stories that your body is holding. We meet them with compassion, non-judgement and curiosity. 

Throughout the session I gently guide you to check in with what is present in your body around the topic that we are exploring. You practice navigating sensations and emotions in your body and gradually learn to create safety in your body and inner world and expand your capacity for staying grounded in the body and being with challenging or overwhelming sensations and emotions without freezing up, shutting down or wanting to disconnect from yourself.  

Through gentle somatic inquiry I help you to slowly create safe and consent-based space in your body and your inner world. From there you can explore reconnecting with all parts of yourself in a supportive way, so you can build a healthy and self-supportive relationship with yourself and learn to understand, heal and shift fear, shame and limiting beliefs that might keep you stuck.

Some of the tools in my healing toolbox are somatic practices, somatic inner child healing, gentle guided movement, embodiment, a strong embodied intuition and gently holding space for what is present in the body, in a trauma-informed way.

I support and guide you through the whole process.

The sessions are online via Zoom. 

These sessions might be for you, if you feel called to explore themes such as:

* Reconnecting with yourself, your body and your inner knowing  

* Healing inner wounds from childhood trauma

* Learning how to move from self-abandonment to self-support

* Building confidence (for example to pursue a certain job, career or creative explorations) 

* Connecting deeply with your authentic self including getting comfortable opening up to having relationships that are more honest, without the overwhelming fear that no one will accept you once they see who you truly are

* Addressing and transforming overwhelm, anxiety and shame: Learning to access and hold space for the vulnerable younger parts of you that feel shame or anxiety and are overhelmed by self-judgement or fear 

* Getting unstuck (in your career, in your relationship, in your life journey) 

* Slowing down to create more joy and inner peace

* Unraveling and unlearning conditioned thinking (for example around toxic productivity, capitalism, patriarchy and systems of oppression)

* Navigating life and relationships from your intuition and your body wisdom (and not only from your rational mind)


We can work together for a longer or shorter period of time, and we can tailor the sessions to your needs. I will guide you gently through the sessions.

Session Packages: 



– Learn to feel safe in your body and build capacity to be with challenging emotions  
– Practice staying present with yourself, speaking up for yourself, and setting healty boundaries 
– Heal old inner wounds from childhood trauma (around trust, fear, shame, and abandonment) 
– Cultivate self-connection, self-trust, self-support, self-acceptance, and self-love 

“Explore” Package:   

  • 6 sessions (60-75 minutes per session)
  • We meet weekly or bi-weekly online via Zoom
  • Support between sessions via voice notes (in the Signal app)
  • Your investment: 900 USD *


“Deepen” Package:   

  • 12 sessions (60-75 minutes per session)
  • We meet weekly or bi-weekly online via Zoom
  • Support between sessions via voice notes (in the Signal app)
  • Your investment: 1,800 USD *


Somatic healing happens slowly because it goes deep. The body needs time to process and rewire. That is why I ask you to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions. To allow yourself, your body and your inner world the time, space and slowness to connect deeply in this process and allow for healing to happen. 


* Sliding scale prices are available if needed. 
* Payment plans are available for all packages.
* Partial scholarships are available for clients who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, or neurodivergent. 
Email me at lise@liseloensmann.com to ask for details. 


Practical details:

A session is 60-75 minutes long. The sessions are online via Zoom.  

In addition to our sessions together you have access to support via voice notes (in the Signal app) between sessions if questions arise, or there is something in your healing journey you want my thoughts on. 

What do I need for the session?
A stable internet connection and a little space to move in front of your computer.

Wireless headphones or earphones is also very helpful for us both, so you can move away from the screen, and we both still have good sound quality. 

Send me an email at lise@liseloensmann.com or have a look at FAQ

Book a Free Connection Call (30 minutes) below, if you are curious about the sessions and want to feel into whether we are a good fit.  

I am here to guide you gently on the next steps of your healing journey. I will witness you and co-create each step with you.

I do not have all the answers. You do. I am here to walk alongside you and hold gentle space for you to remember yourself back to them.


Underskrift 2

Working with Lise is transformative! With gentle suggestion and masterful direction, Lise guides the participant to move through their body in a new way.

In our session, she helped me connect with my body and tap into the message it’s been holding for me. We moved emotions through my body in a way I’ve never explored before; using colors and shapes, moving the sensation of my feelings from my chest to my throat, loosening the areas of tightness through gentle movement, from sitting to standing, moving my limbs as needed, letting my body guide the flow.

Lise held the container as I let the feelings move through me, releasing tension, and allowing them to show up however they needed. I finished the session feeling more tapped into myself, my body feeling calmer, and feeling closer to my body in general.


– Kate Youdell

The somatic healing session that Lise led me through was intense and powerful. Intense partly because thanks to Lise’s gentle and kind companionship my body allowed me to go towards challenging sensations. Powerful because it led me towards more clarity and greater commitment to both self-compassion and self-challenge. Also because it felt like an opening, a potential portal, and I’m interested in coming back to working with Lise in the future.

– Ivona

I am amazed at how deep this work is.

– P. Smith

My session with Lise was like nothing else I’ve experienced. She facilitated an exploration of inquiring within myself through movement that was so gentle and yet so powerful. I was able to feel into places in my body and being that were painful (either physically, or emotionally, or both) and ALLOW them to shift under my own gentle attention and care. It was more of an un-doing than a doing.

If you’ve done a lot of talking about your stuff, and things aren’t shifting in the way you’d like, I highly recommend trying this movement-healing modality. Our bodies are so wise, and Lise helps you tap into that innate wisdom. This work helped me feel more grounded & integrated, with a deeper trust in myself and my body.

– Hannah Husband

I’ve been in two workshops with Lise and each time I’m taken aback at how deep she leads us and how loved and supported I feel. I particularly respond to her prompt to slow down or move slower. When she offers this I realize my mind may be starting to race or I’m trying to hurry through and her gentle reminder brings me back to the session. 


– Robin Kimbrel Wiggs  

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