Testimonials from my clients and students: 

“I have felt a big change in my body from the time I started and until now. My body has “woken up” again after 25 years away from dance and movement. I am happy and dancing everywhere. Good thing I found you, Lise. I feel like I have been connected to my body again.

Lise is a very skilled teacher. I almost feel like I am being taught one on one, as Lise is very attentive to each and every student and talks to each of us about how we can refine our movements, make the exercises better and in general “empty the head” while letting the body work. I have created a deeper connection with my body again and with my way of moving. I feel more grounded and have found the joy of dancing and moving again – maybe even gained more self-insight.” 

– Connie Brøgger

“I joined Lise’s Re:Connect course because I wanted to create a deeper connection to my body. As a teacher Lise mirrors what is going on inside me, and she gives me guidance and new ways to connect inwardly with myself and create more body awareness and also inspiration to relate curiously and openly to what I experience. I would recommend Re:Connect to anyone who wants qualified feedback on the path to a deeper connection between mind and body. ”

– Sidsel Engel Jensen

“Inspiring and rewarding. The course lives up to its name. I experience more contact, connection and trust.”

– Elin

“You get a lot out of the process. Both as a dancer, but especially also as a human being. Everyone should give themselves the experience of a movement course with Lise. It is worth gold. The warmest recommendation from me.”

– Anne Sofie Jørgensen

“There has been a focus on breathing and tuning into oneself, which has been really good. It has again confirmed to me that these are some of the most important tools to have with you both when you dance, but also as a human being. The most important thing I take with me from course is my reconnection to myself. Lise facilitates a space where there is room to be human and not just dance or move.” 

– Oriana Vigl

“I became aware of slowing down and being with what was happening in my body without thinking about it. There I found freedom in my movements and a greater body awareness. I feel and think daily about the new insights and possibilities of expression that Lise supported in the course. Lise is honest and loving in her feedback, and I can recommend everyone to join, because you can participate exactly from where you are in your life. ”

– Karina Olsen, occupational therapist and painterLoka Blue

“Lise sees my challenges, but she especially sees all the possibilities that you as a dancer carry. Lise has a special ability to encourage and explore the dance potential in me. I have always come home with a special feeling in my body of grounding and happiness. ”

– Charlotte Olling Rebsdorf

“If you are in doubt about whether to participate, do so, your body will thank you for your choice.” 

– Christence Kalf, psychotherapist & coach, www.christencekalf.dk

I loved Lise’s feedback and her holistic focus on the body-mind connection.”

– Sanne

“Lise’s ability to be present grabs you as a dancer and makes you feel the dance rather than make the movements – a great quality.”

– Inga Schjøtt

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