Testimonials from my clients and students: 

Lise, thank you so much for this beautiful offering. I had no idea what to expect going in, but this was such a fantastic experience, and I’m so appreciative of the wisdom you’ve shared with us and how you’ve helped open up a conversation for me with my body.

– Leslie Vosburgh 

When I first registered for a movement workshop with Lise, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I felt open and curious, and also nervous.  I had never before tried anything similar to what Lise offers.  I struggle with social anxiety, so registering for something like that was outside of my comfort zone.

I was blown away.  Lise is such a gentle and welcoming guide, which helped put me at ease in the face of my nerves.  And then there was the movement itself, which helped me hear what my body wanted in new ways.  I was able to get out of my head a bit, which I often struggle to do.  It was a soft, loving way to connect with myself that I didn’t know I needed. I highly, highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a movement workshop with Lise.

– Jackie Buck 

Lise is an incredible space holder. She is deeply skilled in gently guiding the process of reconnecting to one’s self and one’s body. In our Re:Connect session, Lise helped me to connect to parts of me that I have been struggling to access. The shifts I felt in our work together were truly profound. In a world that moves so quickly, the tender pace of these sessions is such a gift. Lise’s energy is soothing and grounding. She creates a safe space to explore parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten or left behind. Working with Lise is a beautiful gift.

– Kelsey Mech 

Working with Lise is transformative! With gentle suggestion and masterful direction, Lise guides the participant to move through their body in a new way. In our session, she helped me connect with my body and tap into the message it’s been holding for me. We started the session with the intention of me releasing ‘self-doubt’ and exploring what feelings came up when I set the intention. We moved emotions through my body in a way I’ve never explore before; using colors and shapes, moving the sensation of my feelings from my chest to my throat, loosening the areas of tightness through gentle movement, from sitting to standing, moving my limbs as needed, letting my body guide the flow. Lise held the container as I let the feelings move through me, releasing tension, and allowing them to show up however they needed. When she asked what my body had to say to me, I heard it whisper, “I am here.” I finished the session feeling more tapped into myself, my body feeling calmer, and feeling closer to my body in general. Thank you Lise for a great session!

– Kate Youdell 

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