Testimonials from my clients and students: 

My session with Lise was like nothing else I’ve experienced. She facilitated an exploration of inquiring within myself through movement that was so gentle and yet so powerful. I was able to feel into places in my body and being that were painful (either physically, or emotionally, or both) and ALLOW them to shift under my own gentle attention and care. It was more of an un-doing than a doing. If you’ve done a lot of talking about your stuff, and things aren’t shifting in the way you’d like, I highly recommend trying this movement-healing modality. Our bodies are so wise, and Lise helps you tap into that innate wisdom. This work helped me feel more grounded & integrated, with a deeper trust in myself and my body.

– Hannah Husband

Lise is a gentle and potent movement and embodiment guide. When I worked with Lise one on one, I felt guided through a re-connection ceremony with myself and my body. Lise held space for me to explore and get curious about where and how my body was in the moment. Her voice was calm, steady, and so easy to trust as she guided me through our movement meditation together. She met me where I was with a compassionate presence, and held space for me softly, like sand in her hands. 
I highly recommend Lise to anyone who wants to reach out to their body and mind with gentleness. She will guide you every step of the path back to the center of your relationship with your body, which is the path of embodiment. 


– Reena Spansail

The Finding Your Voice circle was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in a very very long time. Lise and Kim together are golden. I also really appreciated Lise’s constant reminder to slow down, this was so helpful. Slowing down and letting the words come rather than ‘crafting’ them.

I thought I was listening and connected, but I found a much deeper relationship through this process. It confirmed that my voice is still with me, no matter how I may silence her or the world may try to silence her. She speaks from a different place than I have noticed before. A place that is deeper, a place of wisdom, a place of love. She holds me in a way I have not known until now. 

– Robin Kimbrel Wiggs

Lise holds a skill set that is uniquely crafted to assist anyone on a healing path. She is capable and expansive, solid and honest, experienced and wise. 

Lise knows how to create and extend a container for processing big feelings, experiences and sensations. She facilitates healing with ease while honoring the individual she is working with as their most sovereign and trustworthy self. 

Lise is an intelligent guide who utilizes language of consent and gentle suggestion within her practice. She has an intuitive way of extending space to her clients while encouraging them to safely explore the edges of their internal landscapes through movement and body awareness. 

I have absolute confidence in Lise as a somatic healing practitioner and believe that anyone who is seeking further healing and resourcing through movement would benefit from working with her. 

  – Jessamyn Turgesen 

When I first registered for a movement workshop with Lise, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I felt open and curious, and also nervous.  I had never before tried anything similar to what Lise offers.  I struggle with social anxiety, so registering for something like that was outside of my comfort zone.

I was blown away.  Lise is such a gentle and welcoming guide, which helped put me at ease in the face of my nerves.  And then there was the movement itself, which helped me hear what my body wanted in new ways.  I was able to get out of my head a bit, which I often struggle to do.  It was a soft, loving way to connect with myself that I didn’t know I needed. I highly, highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a movement workshop with Lise.

– Jackie Buck 

Lise, thank you so much for this beautiful offering. I had no idea what to expect going in, but this was such a fantastic experience, and I’m so appreciative of the wisdom you’ve shared with us and how you’ve helped open up a conversation for me with my body.

– Leslie Vosburgh 

Working with Lise is transformative! With gentle suggestion and masterful direction, Lise guides the participant to move through their body in a new way. In our session, she helped me connect with my body and tap into the message it’s been holding for me. We started the session with the intention of me releasing ‘self-doubt’ and exploring what feelings came up when I set the intention. We moved emotions through my body in a way I’ve never explored before; using colors and shapes, moving the sensation of my feelings from my chest to my throat, loosening the areas of tightness through gentle movement, from sitting to standing, moving my limbs as needed, letting my body guide the flow. Lise held the container as I let the feelings move through me, releasing tension, and allowing them to show up however they needed. When she asked what my body had to say to me, I heard it whisper, “I am here.” I finished the session feeling more tapped into myself, my body feeling calmer, and feeling closer to my body in general. Thank you Lise for a great session!

– Kate Youdell 

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