What is Embodied Entrepreneurship?


Doing business in an embodied way is not easy in a fast, mind-focused world that asks us for results and achievements. It is however a way of doing business that will likely agree with you if you value depth and authenticity.

Embodied Entrepreneurship is about staying connected with your body and its wisdom throughout your day, while you are working in your business. It is about listening to your body’s needs and boundaries when it comes to rest, taking breaks, and working at a sustainable pace. It is also about staying connected with your intuition and all the answers that your body is holding; what you want to explore, what the right next steps are for you, what you are excited about and not. Doing business in an embodied way is about listening to yourself; learning the language of the body and listening to what it is communicating to you. 

Leaning into your creative path in an embodied way can help you deepen your heart’s work and help you build in a way that is deeply aligned with your values and your priorites. Which we often forget or bypass when we are not living and creating in deep connection with our body, but making mind-based decisions. Then we force and push through and ignore or own needs and our inner voice of wisdom that *knows* what is best for us. Practicing Embodied Entrepreneurship is about cultivating a deeper connection with yourself, your body, and that deep embodied wisdom, so it becomes a *felt* experience. From that felt experience you can easily and intuitively connect with the wisest and most creative parts of yourself and tap into new, aligned ideas and deeper layers of your path and your purpose. 

I believe that creating and navigating in deep connection with ourselves is the most aligned and sustainable way of building and growing anything in this world. Cultivating and tending to that connection is sacred work. It is about tending to our inner aliveness and allowing it to be expressed through us.

That is why I teach Embodied Entrepreneurship.  


Who do I work with around Embodied Entrepreneurship?

I work with healers, creatives, space holders, facilitators, and small business owners who are longing to work in more embodied ways, to support themselves, reconnect with their intuition, spark their creativity, deepen their heart’s work, prevent burnout, and create in ways that are sustainable for them long-term. 

Practicing Embodied Entrepreneurship is about:

  • Slowing down and listening to what is present in your body’s felt sense, in your emotions and in your energy
  • Honouring your body’s needs and capacity
  • Tapping into inner calm and resources and allowing those to guide you
  • Unlearning conditioning around ignoring your body’s needs and wisdom and only navigating from the rational, analytical mind
  • Shifting from the survival mode-based thinking and actions of the toxic systems that we live within to navigating from embodied intuition, knowing and aliveness
  • Deepening your connection with yourself, your body’s wisdom and your heart’s work
  • Practicing being fully present with yourself, your challenges and your next steps
  • Building and growing your business in a way that fits with your values, your priorities and your lifestyle and honouring your body’s wisdom around this
  • Learning to support and resource yourself in every step of your journey


Here are three easy ways to explore my work further:

* Watch my free mini workshop “Healing the Fear of Being Seen” 

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* Book a free Connection Call and have a chat with me to explore how 1:1 Embodied Entrepreneurship mentoring sessions can support you with creating flow, alignment, and momentum in your journey as a healer / space holder / creative / solopreneur