As an entrepreneur you will likely encounter fear on your journey; when you start out, every time you step into something new, when you expand beyond your previous reach and beliefs around yourself. Sometimes the fear is clear and direct, sometimes it is subtle. But learning to meet it in supportive ways is crucial if you want to step into authenticity when sharing your work.

Feeling safe to be ourselves is a *big* challenge for many women entrepreneurs, especially those of us who do healing or creative work, support others on their journeys, hold gentle space for others. Because we are doing so in a world that tells us to toughen up. That vulnerability is weakness.

And even though we *know* that it is not true the fear that lives in our bodies can be so strong that it decides which steps we take in our business (and not!).

Doing business in an embodied way also means learning to meet your fear in gentle, trauma-informed ways. Learning to understand it, learning steps to gently heal it, so that you can show up in your business that way you are longing for AND feel safe to do so.

This is what we explore and hold space for in my Mentorship Program Embodying You; the emotions, energies and blocks that show up in your body as you take steps (or try to) in your business. And we practice embodied ways to meet, hold and heal what shows up.


If you are curious about Embodying You you can:

1. Read more about the program here.

2. Join the free monthly Community Call today September 7th at 2pm Eastern / 8pm CET to experience my style of mentoring and space holding. We talk about what Embodied Entrepreneurship for women can look like, and you can bring your questions about your current challenges in your business. Email me at if you have questions.