Practicing embodiment can help us build momentum; in our lives and in what we are creating. Connecting deeper with our body, with what we are sensing and feeling, with the stories that our body is holding, that is the profound practice of self-connection. And allowing ourselves to navigate our lives and make decisions based on the wisdom that lives in our body, that is the profound practice of moving into alignment with ourselves. It can help us stay focused on what is working for us and building on that. It can help us set healthy boundaries and not spiral, when overwhelm, fear, perfectionism or procrastination shows up in our journey.

When we are practicing embodiment, when we are in deeper connection with ourselves, when we are feeling our feelings and our boundaries, we are also feeling our true joy and excitement. When we are in deeper connection with our joy and our excitement, we are also in deeper connection with our aliveness, and then we can create from that aliveness.

In a world where we are all are conditioned to disconnect from ourselves, it is no small thing to be connected with and *feel* our joy and our aliveness. Because that takes softening and vulnerability. Something that is difficult for most people to lean into because the systems we live within teach us to be unemotional, to toughen up, to stay on the surface. This can leave us holding our breath, physically and metaphorically, afraid of our own emotions and our own felt knowing because both feels foreign to us.

If we are not aware of this as small business owners, we can end up with a business that is disconnected from us, not aligned with who we are and what we truly want. We might end up creating the business that we think we *should* create, doing things the way we think we should do them or the way other people tell us we should do them.

That disconnection can lead to burnout (and it did for me, many times) and/or deep dissatisfaction because we end up living what we don’t want, creating what we don’t want. Being in deeper connection with our body, our sensations, our feelings can help us navigate those nuances and what is going on under the surface. It can bring us clarity because we *feel* the clarity in our body, in our felt sense.

If we are not in deep connection with our needs, our boundaries, our capacity, our inner calm, our joy, our longings, then we are also not creating from those places within us or honouring them. Showing up disconnected in that way can really make us unhappy. This is what happens for a lot of people in their jobs; that they end up in a job that is not right for them and that was never what they wanted, but they did not listen to themselves. Or did not know how to listen to themselves.

And a lot of us start our own business because we want more for ourselves, we want freedom, we want to create what we want to create. But those patterns of disconnection are still there. This is why so many of us start a business without knowing what we want to do. Because there is a lack of clarity and no practicing feeling into what we want and what we need. And there is so much constant input from the outside, so it can be hard to tune into ourselves. And if we are used to not listening to ourselves, we listen to other people’s opinion and let other people decide for us. We lose our way.   

Doing business in an embodied way is about practicing connection, practicing aliveness. And practicing tending to that aliveness.

It is about connecting deeper with yourself, learning to listen to yourself and navigating your business from that deep self-connection. Your connection to your needs, your capacity, your longings, your knowing, to who you truly are and what you truly want to bring into the world.

It is about building momentum in your business from that place of deep connection; creating supportive structures and a natural flow around your offerings, your client flow, your strategies, and your messaging.

It is an unlearning, an unraveling, a regrounding. A re-remembering of what you already know, but have been taught to forget.


This is what we will explore in my Mentorship Program Embodying You. In the program I will support you in connecting deeper with yourself and your body’s wisdom, so that you can clearly see and feel your next aligned action steps in your business journey and take those steps while deeply rooted in your felt knowing.

This is the program I wish I had had earlier in my journey as an entrepreneur. A program that combines the tools, practices and wisdom of trauma-informed embodiment with supportive community and mentoring around the next practical steps to building and growing your business. A program that help you tap deeper into your embodied knowing, so you can learn to trust yourself and stop looking outside of yourself for all the answers.

Embodying You is an invitation to do business differently. It is a deepening. A slowing down. A realignment. It is honouring your capacity and connecting with your inner wisdom: listening to the softest whisper within you and letting it guide you in creating a business that is deeply aligned with you, a business where you can truly show up as yourself and share your natural gifts with the world from a place of ease and being deeply rooted into yourself.

We start November 1st.

My calendar is open for Connection Calls for those who are considering joining Embodying You.