Overthinking can feel overwhelming to our body and our nervous system. It can leave us feeling numb. And the numbness can make it really difficult to navigate decisions and changes in our lives because we don’t know what we feel.

Gently connecting with our body and our felt sense can help us reconnect with our feelings and help us to stay present with ourselves, even when we feel overwhelmed. It can help us to actually feel and be with our feelings, rather than avoiding them by overanalyzing them.

Learning to be with the felt sense in this way can help move us out of freeze response and into aligned action, from spiraling and worrying to creating solutions and healing.

In a gentle way, always gentle 🌱



If you are interested in learning somatic tools that can support you in connecting deeper with your body and its wisdom and tapping into inner calm, I offer two types of online 1:1 sessions:

🌱 Embodied Entrepreneurship Mentoring Sessions (6-session package):

These sessions are for heart-led entrepreneurs wanting to root deeper into embodied ways of navigating their business journey, such as tapping into inner resources to gain clarity around next steps and building capacity in the body for navigating challenging times.

🌱 Somatic Healing Sessions (6-session package):

These sessions are for those wanting to connect deeper with their body and its wisdom, to create inner calm, deepen self-connection and heal old inner wounds and patterns like fear, shame and overwhelm.

In both types of sessions we work in a gentle and trauma-informed way.

(Also, in case you didn’t know: I always offer my session packages with a sliding scale option for those who need it because I want to make my healing and mentoring work accessible for those who can benefit from it.)

Your can book a Free Connection Call with me here to hear more about how we can work in sessions and to feel into whether we are a good fit.