🌱 My office this week 🌱

Part of working in an embodied way as an entrepreneur is weaving embodiment practices into your daily schedule and the creative processes of your business. I do that in many ways.

One way is to *be with* what I am creating, from the body; feel into my ideas and next steps, meet the joy, excitement, fear and doubt in supportive ways, listen to my body’s capacity and adjust accordingly. I don’t ignore or push through (like I used to do), I practice staying present.

Right now I am birthing my upcoming mentorship program for heart-lead women entrepreneurs around embodied entrepreneurship. I am opening the doors this fall, so I am creating content for my website and soft launch, and in the process I highly prioritize *being with* the things I am creating, from the body. I slow down. I rest, I resource, I sleep on things. I ask for support. I don’t push through. I take my emotions and energy seriously. I stay curious.

This week that looked like taking lots of walks with the ideas that I’m holding. To *feel into* how they want to move and be born into existence.

Doing business from an embodied place of grounded connection has completely shifted the way I do business and how I *relate to myself* in my business.

I listen to my body’s wisdom. I take it seriously.  

In a patriarchal world that is no small thing. We are taught that emotions are weak and has no place in business. That to be professional we must detach from our emotions. Be less vulnerable, less human.

If, like me, you are actively unraveling and detaching from patriarchy, you are already finding ways to *unlearn* this in your life and business. Ways to reconnect with yourself and reclaim your humanness.

This is what I will be supporting the women in my mentorship program with; connecting deeper with their body, emotions, inner knowing and capacity. With their mission, message and path, in an embodied way, so they can move forward in their business from a place of deep connection, meaning, clarity and alignment with themselves and their work. 


You can sign up for the waitlist here and get notified when the doors open. There will be an early bird rate for the early joiners.