Disconnection is the strongest weapon of the oppressive systems of patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism because it leaves us exhausted and overwhelmed, too tired to try and change anything. The conditioning of disconnection is sometimes subtle, sometimes direct, but always consistent and never-ending. That is why it works.

It is a pattern of chipping away at our natural self-connection until we are so disconnected from ourselves, our emotions and our inner knowing that we are numb. It steals our humanness, our natural ability to connect, to *feel* alive. So we end up chasing the superficial, we stay on the surface because the depths of human connection feel so foreign to us.

We are conditioned to use language around fighting, battling, winning and conquering. We are taught to push through, to override our own boundaries and capacity, so that we can be productive. We are taught to control; our emotions, our body, the way we present ourselves to the world.

This control, this fragmentation of our wholeness breeds disconnection. We stop listening to ourselves. We don’t know what we need, want or feel because we have not cultivated a deep connection with ourselves.


This is why embodiment is a radical practice. Because practicing embodiment brings us closer to ourselves, it helps us reconnect with our emotions, our humanness, our aliveness. Embodiment helps heal the deep disconnection.

So where do we start? By taking small steps towards that connection; self-connection, community connection, connecting deeper in relationship. By reorienting towards care: caring for ourselves, for each other, showing up in the world from a place of care.

By having the conversations that we don’t usually have in our relationships and in our communities we start cultivating vulnerability and presence. Which invites in a softening in our body and in our nervous system.

A softening of the rigidity that our body and inner world is holding from living in a world that teaches us to disconnect.

A softening that allows wisdom to slowly rise to the surface within us.

A softening that supports us in connecting deeper with ourselves and each other.

A softening that invites us to listen.