When working with clients in sessions I often share reminders about slowing down, about pausing, about being gentle, about not judging what is present.

We are all so conditioned to wanting results, to thinking that we need to do more, to try harder. As I see it, healing old inner wounds and creating inner calm is actually about doing less. It is about loosening the grip of trying to control everything within and around us. It is about unlearning and unraveling.

It is about bringing relief to your body and your nervous system. Letting all parts of you rest and ground deeper into who you are at your core. Coming back home to yourself.

Learning to create and co-create from a calm and regulated nervous system and a body that feels safe and supported can completely shift what we bring into this world. It can be like the difference between night and day.

But shifting decades old pattern takes time, so be patient with yourself. And gentle. And allow yourself to be supported and held along the journey.