Words are not my first language, so sometimes I struggle to find the right words to express myself. Because the words land last for me.

So many other things land before the words and land so clearly for me. An image is often the first thing that lands within me, when I want to express myself. It is often very clear and powerful, sometimes moving, sometimes confusing, but it always lands with clarity. So most of the time, when I am speaking, the words are flowing – or stumbling out of my mouth – from an image in my mind.

Sometimes colour lands first. Either as a visual or as an atmosphere or space that I tap into, and the words grow from there. The colour informs my understanding and supports the nuances and depth of my expression.

Energy often lands next, sometimes first. Energy has always been clearer to me than words and language. I navigate on energy before verbal communication. The energy in the room, the energy between people, the energy beneath someone’s words. So for me energy comes before the words and helps me understand, what is being communicated. And I tap into energy to get clear on my words.

Then movement lands. It has always been easier for me to express myself through movement than through words. I know exactly how to express, what I want to express, if I can do it through movement. I am aware that we all interpret movement differently, so that expression does not land as clearly as words for most people, but explaining something with my body still flows so much easier for me than explaining it with words. Movement helps me tap into My Truth and My Inner Knowing. Movement helps me unlock my words.

These are just a few of the things that land before the words do. So if you ever hear me talking and find that I am rambling or not making myself clear, please know that it is because words are not my first language.