In a world that so often asks us to disconnect from ourselves, our body and our inner knowing it is no wonder that so many of us have disconnected from vulnerable younger parts of ourselves that were not seen, not heard, not supported, and maybe even not protected. Because no one taught us to stay connected with them. No one taught us how to have those conversations with ourselves or how to navigate our inner world. So for most of us it feels foreign to look within and we might not trust what we see, hear and feel, when we try. But those hurt younger parts of us are living within us, whether we connect with them or not. They impact our inner dialogue and influence our choices in life.

This is why somatic inner child healing can be so supportive in our healing journey. Because it allows us to connect with those hurt younger parts of ourselves that often overwhelm us with anger, deep sadness or confusion. We can learn to meet those parts of ourselves with gentleness and understanding. Learn to give them space and to support them, to support all parts of us, not just the parts that we are comfortable with or that we understand straight away. This can be the key to resolving deep inner trauma wounds of abandonment and unworthiness that are decades old. It can help release stress from our system that has been trapped for years and years. It can bring us a deeper understanding and clarity around navigating that stress and those wounds in our lives. And it can bring relief and calm to our body and our inner world.


Being on a healing journey 

Being on a healing journey, however that may look for you, involves a great deal of vulnerability, commitment and recommitment, and a willingness to meet yourself in a new way. It takes practice and repetition. It takes patience and commitment. It takes time.

If you have already started your healing journey, I see you, you are doing the work. That is brave and so needed. Your are changing old unsupportive patterns and learning to support yourself in new ways. That is beautiful. I see you in both the beauty and the mess.

I am here to walk alongside you, if you want my support on the next steps of your healing journey.