I journaled last night, after another beautiful community circle call in WILDER. We gather each month for these calls, and each time I am moved by the vulnerability of the women in the circle and by their willingness to lean into support, by leaning into the circle.

Circling is such a beautiful practice, such a simple, yet profound and powerful way to co-create supportive space. This way of showing up for ourselves and for each other brings so much care and support to each circle participant that land in the body with warmth and relief, softening our nervous system and reconnecting us to our inner wisdom.

For me, personally, it also feels like such a healing practice for the younger parts of me that did not feel seen or supported at all 💚 I am always very conscious of how I am relating to my inner children, when I am circling. I stay present and connected with those parts of me and invite them to observe and absorb how support can be given freely and naturally, when you are part of a supportive group or community. Again, profound 💚

When I left the circle call yesterday, all of that was moving within me, so I journaled for a bit, to allow it all to land, slowly, in my body and in my felt sense. Seeing the words on paper filled me with gratitude, for circling as a practice and for the wise women in this circle 🙏 Thank you ❤️