1:1 Embodied Mentoring Sessions

for Heart-led Women Healers, Spaceholders, Creatives, and Changemakers


*Online via Zoom*

These mentoring sessions are for heart-led women who want to explore navigating their path as healers and/or creatives from body wisdom and embodied knowing. This includes therapists, healers, coaches, facilitators, spaceholders, artists, writers, creators, and changemakers who are longing to live and work in a more grounded, embodied way, honouring their body’s needs, capacity, longings, and wisdom. 

Together we will explore how embodiment and somatic tools and practices can support you in building, growing and running your business in sustainable and aligned ways, when it comes to challenges and topics like: 

  • Getting clarity on your next aligned priorities and action steps


  • Making decisions from embodied knowing and felt boundaries
  • Understanding why you feel stuck and how to get unstuck


  • Healing from / preventing stress and burnout


  • Navigating fear and shame that show up in your solopreneur journey (around being visible, not feeling good enough, taking risks etc.)


  • Understanding how your trauma shows up in your business and how to best support yourself around it (such a patterns of perfectionism, procrastination, self-judgement, self-doubt, disconnection, wanting to hide, wanting to give up on your business) 
  • The complexity of unraveling and detaching from the toxic systems of patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy while also navigating the reality of running a business from within those systems (including grief work around reclamation, empowerment, and grief layers that accompany doing heart-led work that is disrupting the toxic systems)  


I will guide you gently through every step along the way; listening, sharing my input and reminders, holding gentle space for vulnerability, and cheering you on. 


What does a session look like?

In these sessions I will help you navigate the challenges and next steps in your business in an embodied way. I help you tune into your body’s wisdom and your inner knowing, so you can make decisions and create the change you are longing for, from a place of deep self-connection.

Some of the tools in my healing and mentoring toolbox are somatic practices, somatic inner child healing, gentle guided movement, embodiment, a strong embodied intuition and gently holding space for what is present in the body, in a trauma-informed way. You can also draw upon my 25 years of experience as a teacher, facilitator and spaceholder as well as my 10 years of experience as a solopreneur.

I am here to walk alongside you and share my tools, experience and wisdom with you. We work slowly, gently, and completely at your pace, respecting your needs and boundaries. 



Session package:



– Strengthening the foundation of your business by rooting deeper into your needs, your longings, your ideas, your natural gifts, and your next steps, in a deeply embodied way. 
– Using embodied practices and strategies to help you gain clarity and build rooted confidence to build and grow your business. 
– Tapping into your body’s wisdom and let it guide you in building a business that fits into your values and lifestyle and honours your capacity.  


Intro Session:
  • 1 session (75 minutes)
  • An introduction for new clients 
  • An intro session gives you the opportunity to feel into the way I work in sessions; my style, my tools, my energy. And it gives me the chance to learn about who you are and how I can best support you. 
  • If you want, I will share my take on supportive next steps and priorities for you  
  • Your investment: 95 USD * – Book your Intro Session here 
“Cultivate” package: 
  • 6 sessions online via Zoom (each session is 75 minutes)
    We meet every week for 6 weeks or every other week for 12 weeks 
  • Support via voice notes in between sessions (in the Signal app) 
  • Your investment: 900 USD * 


Creating rooted change takes time. Somatic healing happens slowly because it goes deep. The body needs time to process and rewire. That is why I ask you to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions. To allow yourself, your body and your inner world the time, space and slowness to connect deeply in this process and allow for healing and transformation to happen. 

I offer intro sessions to all new clients (1 single session). 


* Sliding scale prices are available if needed.  
* Payment plans are available for all packages.  
* Partial scholarships are available for clients who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, or neurodivergent. 
Email me at lise@liseloensmann.com to ask for details. 


Practical details:

A session is 75 minutes long. The sessions are online via Zoom.  

In addition to our sessions together you have access to support via voice notes (in the Signal app) between sessions if questions arise, or there is something you want my thoughts on. 

What do I need for the session?
Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and a little space to move in front of your computer.

Headphones or earphones are very helpful for us both, so we both have good sound quality (if you have them, wireless headphones or earphones are very helpful for us both, as they give you freedom to move away from the screen, if needed, while still providing good sound quality for us both). 

Make sure that you are alone in the room and have privacy for the lenght of the session. 

Send me an email at lise@liseloensmann.com or have a look at FAQ

Book a Free Connection Call (30 minutes) below, if you are curious about the sessions and want to feel into whether we are a good fit.  


I am here to guide you gently on the next steps of your journey. I will witness you and co-create each step with you.

I do not have all the answers. You do. I am here to walk alongside you and hold gentle space for you to remember yourself back to them.


Underskrift 2

Lise is one of the gentlest, most compassionate, truth-telling guides for connecting with your full self that I have met. I highly recommend anything she offers.

– Amanda

Thank you for holding gentle, thoughtful, kind, safe space so well for others to connect with their inner selves in a meaningful way.

– Natasha D.

Andrea Petrut: 


My somatic session with Lise was not only a welcome calm moment in my day, but provided me with new insights about my creative work. She helped me form a question to explore that felt potent and alive, and, with her support, I was able to open up to more curiosity in a grounded way and hear important messages from my body.

Working with Lise helped the various parts of my creative self all feel truly seen – such a gift! 

– Rebecca Hass

The Finding Your Voice circle was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in a very very long time. I really appreciated Lise’s constant reminder to slow down, this was so helpful. Slowing down and letting the words come rather than ‘crafting’ them.

I thought I was listening and connected, but I found a much deeper relationship through this process. It confirmed that my voice is still with me, no matter how I may silence her or the world may try to silence her. She speaks from a different place than I have noticed before. A place that is deeper, a place of wisdom, a place of love. She holds me in a way I have not known until now. 

– Robin Kimbrel Wiggs

I was blown away.  Lise is such a gentle and welcoming guide, which helped put me at ease in the face of my nerves.  And then there was the movement itself, which helped me hear what my body wanted in new ways.  I was able to get out of my head a bit, which I often struggle to do.  It was a soft, loving way to connect with myself that I didn’t know I needed. I highly, highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Lise.

– Jackie Buck