Summer Tending Circles

This is a pre-registration page.
Please note that the circles will only run if 3-5 women join before July 18th.

Tending Circle: Reconnecting with Your Truest Self

A gentle embodied exploration of authenticity, inner power, and self-trust.

This is a circle for heart-led women longing to shed the layers of performing and pretending that exist because of conditioning and wounding (like pretending to be ok when you are not, pretending to have it all together, pretending to be something you are not, pretending to agree to avoid speaking up). We will hold gentle space for grounding deeper into the body, the felt sense, inner resources, and the truest version of ourselves.

Being deeply rooted into our truest Self in a felt, embodied way empowers us to navigate our lives from a deeply aligned and authentic place and supports us in creating and co-creating a deeply aligned and meaningful life.

About the Tending Circle: Reconnecting with Your Truest Self

Tending Circle: Embodied Sensuality

A gentle embodied exploration of sacred sensuality.

In this circle we will lean into embodied tools and practices that will support you in deepening self-connection and tapping into your sensual self in embodied ways. We will work in trauma-informed ways to create safety in the body and inner world to support your personal process and slowly build capacity for deep connection and freedom.

Through embodied practices and supported, embodied conversations we will slowly unravel our conditioning around what sensuality means for a woman.

This is a gentle and compassionate space of unlearning, reconnecting, and honouring. Together we will explore how to tap into raw, rooted, empowered sensuality and redefine and reclaim what sensuality means for you.

The format:

Each circle will be open to 3-5 heart-led women.

We will gather online via Zoom for 6 gatherings (2 hours, unrecorded).

Each circle will be centered around embodiment topics relating to navigating your relationship with yourself and with others. 

In each circle gathering there will be space for a gentle guided embodiment practice, me sharing my thoughts on the topic/s we are circling around, and for the participants to share their experiences, challenges, and celebrations and ask for witnessing and thoughts from me and the other participants.

A circle is a confidential space, where you can show up vulnerable and lean into gentle support and witnessing.

We work in a gentle, trauma-informed way.


The practical details:

– What: 6 online circle gatherings (2 hours), we will meet once a week for 6 weeks

– Where: Online via Zoom, unrecorded

– When: Starting end July. My suggestion is to meet on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 12noon-2pm Eastern Time / 6pm-8pm CET, starting end July. (I am also open to another meeting time if that is a better fit for the circle participants). 

– Investment + payment: 300 USD (payment plan with 2-3 instalments available)

– Scholarship: There is one partial scholarship available (50 %) for each circle. Email me at for more details. 



How to join one of the circles:



If you want to join one of the circles,
please send me an email at or a DM on Instagram
and let me know which circle you wish to join


BEFORE JULY 18th. * 

If there are 3-5 women in each circle,
I will send you the payment and registration link, and we will decide on the call dates, together. 



I hope to see you in circle <3

With love and gratitude,