Bespoke Meditation




I will create this bespoke meditation, just for you.

After you purchase the meditation, I will send you an email, so we can agree on the content and details of the meditation, and I will then create it for you.

The meditation will be approximately 10-20 minutes long, depending on your wishes. You will receive the meditation as an audio file (MP3).


The meditation can support you in a transition in your life that you are moving through or around a specific embodiment topic that you need extra support with.

The format can be:

– A guided grounding that helps you drop deeper into your body, with a specific focus that is supportive to you (such as breathing, sensations in the body, feeling your feelings)

– A guided visualization / meditation that helps you root deeper into an element of your body’s wisdom (such as your intuition, your felt boundaries, your creative flow, awakening a part of you that has been numb or hidden, softening your emotional heart)

– A guided meditation that supports you in creating a felt sense of safety in your body and inner world (such as calming anxiety or fear and reconnecting with the body’s aliveness)

– A guided visualization tapping into a vision for your future (such as a creative project or an upcoming shift)

– Gentle reminders for you that you can listen to, to bring you back to a grounded place, when you when you feel overwhelmed or ungrounded (such as moving from overthinking to groundedness or from worrying to inner calm)


You can listen to some of my existing guided meditations here, to get an impression of my style.