This is a free community call for all heart-led women, for us to gather and connect. It is an invitation to tap into resource through the body and let our mind and nervous system calm down and rest for a bit. It is a space for connection and support and for gently holding grief and overwhelm, as we are moving through intense times in the world.

I will guide us all through a gentle guided movement prayer. Together we will tap into the energy, meaning and felt sense of peace, in our bodies, in our communities, and in the world.


Please bring:

A candle and matches

A journal and a pen

An object that represents peace for you (feel free to interpret this freely, it could be a leaf, a small branch, a bowl of water or anything else that feels aligned for you)


* The movement prayer is non-religious. All faiths are welcome.  

* This is not a place to be political or engage in activism.



Practical details:

Friday November 10th at 2-3pm Eastern Time / 8-9pm CET.

Online via Zoom.

The doors close 10 minutes past the hour.

This call is unrecorded to ensure the sacred intimacy of the space.