Re:Connect 1:1 Sessions 

Re:Connect with your body through gentle movement, dance meditation and supportive feminine flow. My 1:1 dance meditation sessions work with movement as a healing and supportive tool that connects you deeper with your body, vitality, and life force in a safe and supportive space.

1:1 sessions are perfect if you wish to have uninterrupted time and space to experience a deeper connection in a private setting. Allowing devoted time and space to move, dance and reflect.

As an intuitive movement guide, I help and support you to connect deeper with yourself and with your body in motion, so you can become more free, powerful and at one with yourself, your movements and your power in and through the dance. Give yourself the gift of connecting deeper with yourself and your body through meaningful movement. I support and guide you to create a deeper connection to your body in motion and to open up your flow and your power in the dance. 

I would love to guide you on the next steps in your dance journey 


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Intuitive movement guide 

Space holder for feminine flow 


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