Are you unsure about which level is right for you? Or are you worried that your age or an injury may affect your participation to dance on my teams and courses?

If so, read on here;

New students often ask me what level they should choose in my courses and workshops, and I often get questions about whether they can keep up. I understand that really well because if you feel that you can not keep up with the teaching, it can be really vulnerable (trust me, I have tried to stand in the corner with tears in my eyes and wish I had stayed home). 

That’s why I’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions right here and given you my answers. I hope they can help you choose the right team for you 

* How does online teaching take place?

My online tuition takes place via Zoom. It is a simple program to find your way around and requires only a few clicks from you. You have the opportunity to participate in the teaching with or without the camera turned on. You choose it yourself, depending on what you feel best about. I imagine we check-in at the beginning of the class and just greet each other with the camera on, and then you can hit the picture from the rest of the time if you feel best about it. When you log in to Zoom, your microphone is switched on, but you can switch it off with a single click. I can also turn off your sound for you. 

Before the lesson begins, I will send you instructions to Zoom, step by step. 

 * What does it take for me to attend classes online? 

Just a computer and a stable internet connection. And some space to dance on. You do not have to clean the whole living room. You can easily participate, even if you dance in a limited space. This is what the teaching is designed for. 

* Can I join the beginner teams and open level teams even if I have not danced before?

Yes, easily ♥ On beginner teams and teams with an open level, I take extra good time and make sure that everything goes at a quiet pace. There is always time to ask questions and get something reviewed once more. 

*  What if I’m not very experienced or can’t figure out how to dance at all? Can I still join? 

Yes, of course, ♥ I promise to guide you all the way. And on the beginner teams, the level is 100% beginner, so everything goes at a quiet pace. The only prerequisite is that you are open and ready to learn ♥  

* I have an old/minor injury and am worried if I will be able to keep up. Can I join? 

Yes, you can. Of course, you are responsible for your injury and for not exacerbating it. But there is always room for you to adjust in the exercises and choreography if there is something you can not perform, even on the rehearsed teams. 

* I am a trained dancer but have taken several years off. Should I be on a beginners team? 

No, not if you ask me ♥ If you are a trained dancer, you are always welcome on my rehearsed teams, even if you have taken a long break or have an old injury and therefore need to take it easy. But if you prefer a quiet pace, you are also always very welcome on my beginner teams. 

* Are only young people participating in your teaching? 

No, not at all! Most of my students are women between about 30 and 60. 

If you have other questions regarding level or anything else, you are always very welcome to contact me by email to lise@liseloensmann.com 


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