Guided Dance Meditation


 * Online Classes via Zoom * 

Guided dance meditation is a gentle and guided online movement class. I guide you gently to connect deeper with yourself and your body through gentle, slow movement. We work meditatively with movement with a focus on breath, body connection and inner peace. There is no technique, no choreography, no steps you have to remember. 

I guide you through free movements with a focus on creating a deeper connection to your breathing, the floor, your movements and your body in motion to ground your energy and create a calm feeling in your body. I guide you to relax your body and mind and let go of thoughts and worries, so you can just be with and enjoy the flow of the movements. 

We work at a slow pace with free movement with roots in contemporary dance and improvisation with a focus on slowing down and tuning into the body to create more grounding, more body connection, and more inner peace and alignment. 


Dance meditation is a deeper connection.

To yourself, your body, your movements. 

To the floor, your breathing, your energy.

To your inner peace, your core, your life energy.


Give yourself the gift of connecting deeper with yourself and your body through meaningful movement 


Practical details:

Level: The classes are taught at an open level. 

Online classes: The classes take place online via Zoom. The classes do not require a lot of space, but just a computer and a stable internet connection. I will send you a direct link via email before the class starts. All you have to do is click on the link and follow the on-screen instructions. 


I look forward to guiding you gently through the movement meditation.




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