* A gentle movement method that connects you deeper with your body’s wisdom *

Re:Connect is my gentle guided movement concept that supports you in *Re:Connecting* with your body and its wisdom
through simple guided movement exploration.
The pace is slow. The focus is on acknowledging and allowing. The tools are curiosity and appreciation.
When we Re:Connect, we explore gently and allow the movements to unfold in our bodies in a way that feels free, flowing and powerful.
There is no one way to move. There is no right or wrong. Only curiosity and exploration.
We breathe, we ground, we connect.
We stay open, we listen, we allow ourselves to be guided.
We hold space for all that our bodies have to teach us.

Re:Connect is a gentle coming home. To your body, your intution, and your inner knowing.
To a deeper body-mind connection and a clearer sense of how to honour your body’s wisdom and let it guide you.

What if you allowed yourself to listen? Really listen. Deeply.
To your body’s wisdom. To the truth and the inner knowing coming from deep within you.
Whispering subtly, so the noise of the world often drowns it out, but with a force as powerful as gravity.
What if you let yourself be guided?
By your intuition, by your felt knowing, by all that your body knows. What then?

There is so much for us to learn, when we allow ourselves to connect deeply with our body and all that it holds.
All of the memories, the experiences, the knowledge, the emotions, the blocks, the pain, the passion, the drive, the longing, the hope …
All of it. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the pretty.
It is all beautiful. It all belongs.
It it has so much to teach us. If we let it.

In connecting deeply with our body, our energy, and our inner knowing there is a gentle coming home,
a returning to a natural state of being that many of us have longed for most of our lives.
It can feel immensely beautiful and empowering, but also overwhelming and almost unsafe because it is so new for our whole system.
If you are going through a big transformation in your life, please show yourself a lof of compassion.
Hold gentle space for all the steps of the process.
Let whatever your body holds move through you and allow it to change your inner landscape, so it supports you better.
And give it time